The Biggest Songwriting “Secret”

What is the biggest “secret” all professional songwriters follow?

Let’s hear it in the words of Craig Wiseman…one of the most successful stand alone country songwriters:

In an interview with Bill Conger Wiseman was asked “what other advice do you have for budding songwriters?”

Wiseman’s answers was simple:

“Write. Write, Write, write, and write again.”

“If you don’t know what to write about, write a song about having writer’s block. When it’s all said and done, if you’re a songwriter, write and write all the time. That’s how you learn.

“I was talking to one of those old country guys and he said people come up to me and I go, yeah, I’m a songwriter too. He would say, well, sing me the song you wrote today. They would go I didn’t write a song today. Oh, well sing me the song you wrote yesterday. I didn’t write a song yesterday. Oh, you’re a part-time songwriter!”

You can read the full interview here.

Professional songwriters know that you need to write a LOT of good songs to write one great song.

And many of your best songs you’ll write simply because you turned up and wrote that day. It’s a whole lot more about perspiration…doing the work…than it is about inspiration.

Writing constantly is how you hone your songwriting craft. It’s how you become better at writing lyrics, melodies, grooves and fitting them all together.

If you’re a songwriter then this shouldn’t be optional.

If you go a couple of days without writing it should start feeling “wrong” to you.

You start to feel that urge to write a verse, or a chorus or a bridge.

You start going through your list of hooks looking for a good one you can start working on or you work with a rhythm and start putting chords and words to it.

What song did you write today?